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Helpful Links for Shyness and Other Concerns 
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Disclaimer: The links provided here are intended to provide helpful information about mental health issues. None of the products or services listed in these Websites are specifically endorsed by Nancy Wesson, Ph.D. Information about a particular mental health problem or issue is never a replacement for professional counseling. If you are experiencing symptoms related to a mental health problem, please consider contacting a licensed mental health professional or a mental health agency for evaluation.

American Psychological Association
This is the website of the American Psychological Association. The site includes a wealth of resources on topics related to psychology and mental health issues. Referral list of psychologists is also provided.

Craig’s Shyness Resource Page
Craig’s Shyness Resource Page. This page provides very helpful information and links on shyness and related topics. Includes: essays, articles and newsgroups information.

Jeffrey S. Kaye, Ph.D.
Loaded with information and helpful links on a variety of mental health subjects.

Go Ask Alice
A website to help shy people. This site offers down to earth advice and support and is a resource for handling dilemmas that shy people face in everyday life and in seeking help for shyness.

Great website for helping kids and parents understand shyness.

Internet Mental Health
A list of very helpful resources for mental health issues.

Mental Help Net
Broadbased resource for people who are looking for counseling and other resources for a variety of issues such as shyness, depression, anxiety.

Santa Clara County – Mental Health Professional Services
Website to locate mental health counseling resources for custody and divorce issues in Santa Clara County, Ca.

National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse
This site helps “connect individuals to self-help and advocacy resources.” The site offers tips on starting self-help groups, self-advocacy in mental health, and a variety of other information on issues in mental health.

National Association for Children of Alcoholics
Information is provided on the effects that alcoholism has on children. NACoA is dedicated to reaching the children of alcoholics and helping to prevent the deleterious effects that growing up in an alcoholic family has on children. The various issues facing children of alcoholics are described.

About.com – Panic Disorders
Useful site for articles and links on anxiety disorders including Panic disorder, social anxiety, Driving anxiety, PTSD, specific phobias, OCD, and others.

Psychology Today
Good site for general mental health issues and for finding a therapist or counselor. Every counselor listed on the site is licensed to practice counseling in his or her state.

Describes research, characteristics of ACOA’s, family roles and the alcoholic family, abuse, and therapy issues of ACOA’s.

Recovery Web – Codependency
This website has a wealth of information on codependency. Defines codependency, how it develops, and problems that arise from being codependent. Valuable links as well are included.

Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
Provides several very helpful links on shyness and related topics including self-esteem problems, difficulties with friendship and intimacy, relationship and romance, and public speaking.

San Francisco Bay Area Community Service Group of Codependents Anonymous
Provides a list of meetings in the bay area of Codependents Anonymous.

Shy and Free
A collection of personal experiences, resources, and general information about the topic of shyness.

Shyness & Social Anxiety Treatment Australia
This site provides information on: social phobia, the treatment options, psychologists across Australia who treat social anxiety, group therapy and workshops, depression, children and social anxiety, tips on public speaking, articles, resources and links.

Offers links to several websites on depression and suicide including suicide hotlines and other self help resources.

Susan Kramer
Conquering Codependency from a spiritual point of view. She provides useful information on codependency and how to develop one’s spirituality in conquering codependency.

Couples Resource Center
Offers training and support to couples dealing with the many tasks inherent in long-term relationships.

Education To Go
A useful and informative online short course on overcoming shyness and developing social skills. Not a replacement for professional counseling. This course is not offered by a mental health professional.

Self-Help Pages on Psych Web
Contains psychology related articles on a variety of topics. Can be useful for research on various subjects. The articles are from many different and varied resources.

Helpful tips to avoid dating violence especially for teens.

Provides some helpful information and tips on shyness. 


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