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Most shy people are very afraid of situations where they may experience rejection by others. This is especially true of dating situations or situations involving meeting new people who may be potential friends. 



Common rejection avoidance strategies:

  1. Stay home every night and use the computer or watch TV
  2. Think this should be easy and give up.
  3. Dress in unflattering ways and avoid people
  4. Become a workaholic
  5. Avoid places or opportunities to meet people

  1. Talk to a friend about it
  2. Talk to yourself about it and recognize it as a part of life
  3. Be especially kind to yourself and do something fun instead
  4. All of the above and give yourself credit for trying (cliché but works)
  5. Staying focused on your own positive opinion of yourself. Develop a new set of positive beliefs and say them to yourself
  6. Be prepared to ask several people out or meet several new people as potential friends before you get a positive response. Finding dates, partners, and friends is difficult business. (You will need to meet several people before there is a real connection with someone)