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How Can Counseling Help Me Change My Social Anxiety?

Counseling can help you . . .

Become more at ease in social situations. Become more comfortable meeting new people. Work through past experiences that may be interfering with new relationships. Learn about how relationships work and how to have a healthy relationship. Develop an internal support system to reduce stress in social situations.
Develop an individually designed plan and set of steps for increasing social contact.

There is Help Available If You Have Social Anxiety

When I work with shy people in my counseling practice we work on becoming less shy with coaching and counseling. This effort involves learning to relax in social situations and developing more effective social skills.

About Social Anxiety

Being shy interferes with relating to people and having social relationships. Shy behavior can be replaced by more effective, less shy behavior and a shy person can learn to relax in social situations.

Counseling and supportive coaching includes:

Taking small steps toward improving social contact and practicing new social behavior. The steps need to be small enough to allow one to increase skills and confidence level.
Learning to manage and eventually eliminate anxiety, tension, and nervousness. There are several skills that can be taught to reduce stress and tension around people.
Learning how to meet people, how to date, and how to develop a satisfying relationship

There is help available for people who are socially anxious. You can have the support and learn the skills you need to be less shy and be more comfortable around others.